Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My review of Living Gluten and Dairy Free with French Gourmet Food

My review of Living Gluten and Dairy Free with French Gourmet Food

Living Gluten and Dairy Free with French Gourmet Food was written by Alain Braux, who is a gluten and dairy-free chef and nutritherapist.  His background includes working for over 40 years as a pastry chef, baker, and chef.  About 15 years ago, he furthered his education in nutrition and began working as a "nutritherapist," which is a term used in Europe for nutritionists who focus on using food for healing, as opposed to nutritionists who also work with supplements, homeopathy, and herbal medicine.  

Braux's style of writing makes the reader feel like he is talking to you as an individual.  In this "conversation," he readily admits he is not a researcher or scientist or medical provider, and when necessary refers the reader to other qualified practioners.  

There are many books on the market these days that act as guides for those having to follow a gluten free diet.  What makes Alain's book unique is that it is really two books in one:  a guide and resource book for those who are reactive to dairy and newly diagnosed with celiac or dealing with an allergy or intolerance to gluten as well as a gluten-free dairy free cookbook.  

Braux starts out by explaining the process of digestion and how celiac or gluten intolerance effects this process.  He then goes on to instruct the reader on how to implement a gluten-free and dairy free lifestyle, giving directions on ensuring your home is free of all traces of gluten, as well as tips for shopping and eating out.  

He goes on to discuss various health issues that can be caused by an intolerance to gluten, even touching on Autism.  The Appendices are extremely comprehensive, giving additional resources for learning more about celiac, gluten intolerance, and autism as well as detailed lists on hidden sources of gluten (including various chemicals and additives), as well as lists of safe foods to eat.  

Finally he ends with over 80 recipes covering everything you could possibly want: breads, pastries, cookies, appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, side dishes, and desserts.  The recipes range from the simple and quick to the more involved.  

Overall this is a great resource for anyone who needs (or wants) to follow a gluten-free, dairy free diet.  I would highly recommend it to the newly diagnosed celiac or gluten-intolerant individual, as well as to those who may have already mastered the diet but are looking for new recipes.  

Find Living Gluten and Dairy Free with French Gourmet Food by Alain Braux;  Alain Braux International Publishing, LLC, 2010; 295 pages; $19.95; ISBN 978-0-9842883-1-1 on Amazon: